Tracy Sturdivant

Board Chair

Portrait ofBoard Chair

Tracy Sturdivant is chair of Higher Heights Leadership Fund board of directors, where she helps guide and develop the organization’s strategy.

For over two decades, Sturdivant has led progressive advocacy organizations; philanthropic initiatives; and policy, electoral and culture-change campaigns. In 2014, she co-founded Make It Work, a campaign that used a strong narrative strategy, pop culture and community organizing to catapult pocketbook issues like affordable child care and equal pay out of the home and into America’s national conversation. Prior to that, she served as the executive director of State Voices, a network of social justice organizations in over 20 states working to achieve voter engagement and policy change in their communities.

Sturdivant is currently president and CEO of The League, a social impact collective that uses culture to awaken and activate people’s power to address the urgent challenges facing our world today.