Aisha O. Dew

Program & Political Director

Portrait ofProgram & Political Director

Aisha O. Dew is a political strategist whose work has helped secure wins for candidates in over 70 races throughout North Carolina, including the historic election of Vi Lyles as mayor of Charlotte. Dew’s roles have included serving as first vice chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, chair of the Mecklenburg County Democratic Party and state director for Bernie Sanders 2016. She has helped execute political trainings for a variety of organizations, including the Democracy for America Campaign Academy, Truman National Security Project, Congressional Black Caucus Institute and Emily’s List.

As political director for Higher Heights for America, Dew develops and implements short and long-term strategies as well as plans to recruit, train and support Black women running for office. She also engages and organizes Higher Heights’ rapidly growing membership on the national, state and local levels.

Dew received a degree in arts administration from Salem College, and she is a graduate of the United Way of Eastern Fairfield County’s Project Blueprint, a program that focuses on building diversity in board leadership. Dew has received numerous awards for her political leadership work throughout North Carolina.